Civil Society Platform – About Us

Civil Society Platform supports change.

Because we are committed to freedom and peace, Civil Society Platform is a, to the best of our abilities, digital safe space of experience, where civil society activists can connect globally and empower each other to create local change.

The Civil Society Platform passionately addresses a wide range of critical issues to effect positive change in our world. It is initiated by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) as part of the Cross Culture Program (CCP) and the work of the Dialogue Department, with the goal of strengthening civil society networks between Germany and the world. Human right defenders, peacemakers as well as cultural and environmental activists come together to advance important societal issues such as human rights and peace, sustainable development or gender diversity.

As an open-source platform, we align ourselves with the four demands of civil society organizations regarding the Digital Civil Society to the Federal Government. Because safety is our highest priority, the platform will soon receive TÜV certification.

How we get together.

  • We create a trusted space for networking among civil society activists from around the world. Through a culture of tolerance and appreciation, they gain insights into one another's perspectives, pool their competences and resources, and initiate innovations.

  • Our actions are grounded in the global respect for human rights. To make injustices visible and facilitate their resolution, we receive funding from the Foreign Office but act independently. Our primary focus is on fostering a trusting community and empowering activists.

  • With the aim of creating an understanding between the cultures and the worlds challenges, we cultivate a community of mutual listening and sharing. Through the diverse inputs and perspectives, topics of engagement become accessible, enabling activists worldwide to participate.

  • We encourage and inspire people to advocate for more justice and social cohesion. A protected setting also gives voice to those facing oppression or persecution. We shape the future together!

Join the global community!

The SHARE MAGAZINE for and by global society is the place where editorial articles from CCP alumni, activists and changemakers all over the world are shared to raise awareness on specific topics. The setting of MEET and WORK provides a digital safe space to unite experiences and expertise.

Come together with activists from all over the world to exchange your perspectives. Let’s share, meet and work for change!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: